Senior Show

After the three and a half years I have been studying art in college, the event of my senior show has finally arrived. The senior show is an opportunity that the senior art majors get to participate in to show their best work. Since the art therapy program at Marywood condensed its semesters into a five year program, there are a few of us that are done a little earlier than 4 years and get to graduate this December. I feel extremely lucky to have my show with seven other artists who have become close friends over my time at college.

We have waited for this show for a very long time and I have to say I am ecstatic for this Saturday. After three years of three hour studios and working outside on your own time, a style eventually is developed in each artist. I was at a point this time last year where my style of painting really came to surface. Through the years, I have grown into the love for texture in paintings and how different kinds of paint can give different textures. I have also developed a sense of style when drawing or painting roses. Both of these have been incorporated in my style of art in different ways. There has been a lot of stress in creating the pieces for the show and making them show ready, but this stress does not take away from anticipation for the show. I am excited to see how my pieces will hang, how they will relate to others work, how the lights will hit them, etc. As I have been to the past senior shows, it is always a really nice day for family, friends, classmates, and the artist themselves to experience their pieces hung in the gallery.

The Senior Show will be in the Suraci Gallery and the upstairs hallway of the Shields Visual Arts Buiding on Saturday, November 17. The opening will be from 2 to 4 and there will be light refreshments provided! If you need to take a break from studying on a Saturday or want to see some amazing art created by amazing artists, come on out! You will not be disappointed.

Featured image: [a peek of the texture I use!]

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