End of First Semester

First semester of my freshman year is nearly over with only a few more weeks to go. It has been really fun and I enjoy all of my classes more than I expected to. I have learned and experienced things I never did before college.

Starting next semester, I will finally be taking a basic photography class, and I am so excited to share my experience of that class with readers. When I started writing this blog, I shared advice for photography I have learned throughout the years of practicing, and I am ready to build onto my knowledge to become better at what I do.

For my first semester, I took the following classes:

  • Philosophy
  • Basic Drawing
  • 2D Design
  • Art History I
  • Composition English
  • Foundations

All of these classes were fantastic and most of them are all classes I never took previously. I was really nervous for my basic drawing class being I never took art classes before, and although I struggle a lot, I still work hard to do my best, and that is important to remember when going into college. So, below I have provided some of my artworks from my first semester (along with a photo of my closest friend in college). Even though I am not nearly as developed in art as my fellow classmates, I am proud of how far I have come.

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