Sewing Face Masks II

Since my last post, the small group I am a part of has donated over 1,000 masks within our community and beyond as we continue production. Our ability to make masks is improving as we receive more support, donations, and requests. We have gotten extremely positive feedback from doctors and nurses who have received our masks, and plan on continuing to improve our design.

By observing other face masks and testing our own, we decided to add an aluminum strip to clamp over the bridge of the nose for additional security. This also helps to prevent the fogging of face shields and eye protection worn by health care workers.

We received an extremely generous donation of aluminum strips that were cut and smoothed by Dawson Performance, a machine shop in Chambersburg, PA.
We made use of a paper towel holder to bend the strips into the desired curve to fit the masks.
We then glued the strips to secure them onto the masks.
The masks are then laid out to dry before they are counted and bagged.

We plan to produce 300 face masks with these nose strips to donate to hospitals in most need of additional protection.

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