Shape Project Finished

Two weeks ago I posted about my Shape Project so I won’t go into a lot of detail explaining it. Basically the project was supposed to be assigned by a graduate mfa student. My assignment was to use pre-cut wood shapes to create a painting. I was not really liking how the painting was turning out so I just let it sit for a while before I went back into it. I started a new painting and continued working on another one I would like to put in the show for my Painting class.

So when I started going back into this painting I decided to stray away from the color palette I intended on using… again. I had other paintings around me that I was able to pull some colors from. I also started slightly changing some of the shapes and flipped it upside down which I felt helped the composition. This is what I ended up with and I am actually happy with how it turned out!


Acrylic on Canvas. 18×24.


Sketchbook Drawing of the Week:



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