Semester of Changes!

This year/semester I told myself, this will be a year for new changes. Personally I am one for personal growth and improvement daily, so anything I can do to keep myself learning and growing makes me happy no matter what it may be. My one big leap into change this year was getting myself involved with a project that I know will be one of the greatest things I could possibly accomplish in my life. I decided to take on a Mural Project with the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority (LHVA). For those who may be a bit unfamiliar with the LHVA, I inserted a blurb from their website:

“The Lackawanna Heritage Valley National and State Heritage Area is a partnership of government, business, civic organizations, and individuals dedicated to the development of the region’s historic, cultural, economic, and natural resources through preservation, education, and promotion of our heritage. LHV is managed by the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority (LHVA). In 2009, Heritage Valley Partners Inc. was created as LHV’s non-profit partner to support development efforts and to increase public awareness of the mission and goals of Lackawanna Heritage Valley.”

The goal of the project is to create murals that will jazz up the trails along the Heritage Trail, making people want to go there. I am really glad I decided to take a chance and be a part of such a great thing. As an art history enthusiast I am happy to see myself creating my own kind of art history instead of studying others’ history for once! I promise to keep everyone up to date with the project. Right now there is lots of planning and designing happening but I can not wait to actually get started with the production of these plans and designs!


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