SIAMES: The Wolf Music Video

Music can entertain, connect, and is interpreted differently by different people. Videos can be fun, stimulating, philosophical, and sometimes weird. Putting music and videos together elevates both the higher levels and creates a whole new sensation. It allows the artists more opportunities to create a specific experience for the viewer. This week I’d like to talk about the band SIAMES and their monochromatic music video of their song, “The Wolf” on YouTube.

The music video features three separate characters, each being hunted by a shadowy wolf. The first man shown driving a motorcycle at high speeds to outrun the wolf. The second man is introduced by walking into a bar and grabbing a drink. The drink soon turns into a wolf and begins to chase him. The third girl is shown skating and takes a break in an alley to smoke a cigarette. The wolf appears from the alley shadow and cues another chase. The song associated with the music video has themes of fighting off addiction. I think the wolf creature represents addiction and the three people are the victims of it. All the chases coincide and the music video drops its black and white scheme and explodes with a passionate burst of red. The three of them become surrounded by the wolves like how people who struggle with addiction feel like they are being cornered by it. The characters appear helpless at first but one of the characters rises up to confront the threat. Even when it might feel hopeless it’s always better to face your problem head on.

Animated with a rough, dynamic style with a limited color palette of black, white and red that makes the music video that much more favorable to watch. Upon my multiple viewings, each one always revealed an overlooked detail that I’ve missed, showing just how much love and detail went into making it. This is but one of SIAMES’s animated music videos and I would encourage you to watch them if you liked “The Wolf”.

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