Father’s Day Project

Hello! Well, after a comically hectic few weeks, it is finally after Father’s Day and I can post this. I have been working on a mixed media sculpture for my dad and I am really happy with how it came out! But here is the catch, I will be celebrating Father’s Day with my family a little late this year so I don’t want my dad to see the final project before he receives it. I took photos along the way but I will be keeping some spoilers and the final photos for next week’s post! That being said, here is a little behind the scenes of this year’s present.

Tumnus Moran Fathers Day Materials

I didn’t need too much for this project (and I ended up needing a bunch of extra things) but anything that involves the Dremel is a good time. The raw materials that will be seen in the final piece will be the wood base, and mostly the black fabric.

Tumnus Moran Fathers Day Project Holes

For this project, the wire for the main figure’s body is fed up through the wood. I drill where I need the wire to be mounted, then bore out room for the wire and the hardware to be flush with the bottom for the wood. When installed and exposed, it looks like this-

When the wire is fed through the holes and set in place, I can begin to bend it (and tie in any loose wires down). At the time these photos were taken, I was unsure exactly how much wire I needed for the main body so I mounted the rest of my coil to the project. The next step was staining the craft wood. I had a different stain in mind but grabbed this one by accident. I am much happier with the color I stumbled on rather than what I picked, it is warmer and looks more natural with the raw sides of the wood.

Tumnus Moran Fathers Day Project Wire Feet

Once the top surface of the wood was stained and the wire was set (at least from the bottom), I was able to glue a sheet of felt to the bottom so the screws were hidden and the sculpture could be placed on a desk safely.

Tumnus Moran Fathers Day Project Holes Before and After

Next step, fabric cutting, I will be evening all of the edges up in a later step but for this I used an X-acto-knife so the edges would fray more easily. The sculpture is made up mostly of these strips, tied around the wire armature.

Tumnus Moran Fathers Day Project Fabric Cutting

And here is where the photos of this project begin to get obvious- so part two will be in next weeks post!

What’s Playing – To any father, parent or caretaker, pet dads, and those who find this weekend a little tough; I hope you had a peaceful and safe weekend and – Hold On.

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