Paper Props

Hello everyone! As summer progresses, we are getting closer to lots of fun events like Renaissance Faire! In preparation to attend my first Ren Faire, I’ve been assembling a fun costume to wear and in an attempt to make it more personal and save some money, I’m trying to make as much of the costume myself as I can, and along with that some fun props! I decided to start my venture into prop-making with fake daggers.

My first attempt was somewhat successful:

but I wanted to have a more refined, smooth appearance for my dagger so I decided to try again, and I’ll walk you through the process.

To start off I used a knitting needle as base and cut out the shapes I needed from Bristol board and glued them on. I then cut out another set of shapes from normal printer paper and glued them over top to seal the seams.

I then began forming the handle with paper and hot glue and attached the Bristol board cross guard. I then added several layers of paper mache and sanded it down once it was dry. Next, I formed the pommel out of paper mache and hot glue.

The last step was painting and adding other details. I got metallic paint for the “metal” parts and painted some string to wrap around the handle to add some extra detail. Overall, I’m very happy with how my little project turned out and hope you’ve enjoyed joining me on this process!

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