Gem Art

Hi everyone!

A little while back I was gifted a gemstone paint by number. I finally have some time on my hands to do it so I thought I would get started on it. So far I’ve really enjoyed working on it. It’s so fun and relaxing, and I love seeing it all come together.

The kit came with everything you need. Mine was an image of a sunflower so it had that design on the sticky sheet. It also came with all the colorful gems, a stylus and wax (which you’ll need to help pick up the gems), and a tray to help hold and organize the beads.

Sunflower Diamond Art Materials

Now while it’s not actually a painting, it’s the same idea as paint by number. There is a pattern or image laid out on a sticky surface and you one by one stick on the tiny corresponding colorful gems. Think of it like putting together a mosaic.

I still have some more to do but I have most of the flower petals complete. This one is more on the small size so I think in the next day or so I’ll have it finished. I’ve enjoyed this so much I honestly want to run out to my craft store and get another. I’d highly recommend getting one of these if you want something fun, colorful, and relaxing to do.

Sunflower Diamond Art Final Progress

Have a great week!

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