I started this weekend off with the greatest intention to clean out my bookcase full of art supplies (remember, one of my tasks to check off on my Summer List?), but suddenly Sunday night was approaching and all I had accomplished was spending quality time with my Netflix and Hulu accounts. As a compromise, I decided to go through just one basket full of supplies from said bookcase before bedtime. So I dusted off my bin full of yarn and other fiber-art related materials and carried it to my room, where I dumped it on the bed and promptly forgot everything I was supposed to be doing.

First I pulled out some chunky yarn and arranged it by size and color. Why? Who knows!


While contemplating my materials, I remembered a project that I have been wanting to finish since last summer but never got around to actually starting (whoops). It was a simple wall hanging, using just wooden dowels, yarn, and that random metal hoop of unknown origin. Cleaning and organizing totally forgotten, I got to work.

After some false starts because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted the finished product to look like, I started making real progress on the piece. I based my decisions on mostly texture and color, undoing and redoing the kinds of knots I was adding to best compliment the thickness of the yarn. The metal hoop was a final addition, along with the tassels at the top. In about two hours, I had a completed wall hanging and a mess of yarn trimmings that I will never use…but also refuse to throw away.

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