Taking What I’ve Learned

Hello everyone! Hope all is well.

Last week I went up to the woods in Bethel, and I had an absolute blast! I took a walk in the woods, I explored the fields where Woodstock was held, and just in general had a great time. I also managed to take a lot of pictures. Everything there was so green that I couldn’t resist!

As soon as I got home I got to work on a new painting, one with a dog and woods, something that captured the magic I had experienced. Taking what I had learned in Painting II class a couple of semesters back, I started with a red canvas and put down all my darks, then built up the paint until I felt happy with it. My lights were added last.

I’ve painted a forest before, both digitally and traditionally. However I’d never tried my hand at a dog in a painting, so that was a big learning experience, even if he is just a little guy on the artwork. Though I don’t have as much green in the picture, I wanted to make it my own and not just copy the photograph in front of me.

I’m very proud of what I did, and I’m happy that I could get a chance to work on a painting outside of all the extra hours of work I’ve taken.

A full shot of my painting

Thanks guys and have a great week!

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