Signing Off

Today is my last blog post and I would just like to say it has been great to have this opportunity to share my work with you all. It is time that I pass the camera on to someone else and have others share their work.

I have had a great time showing you what my landscape photography has become since I first started to the project until now. From what I can see, my landscape photography has gotten extremely better than when I first started. When I first started, I did not really have a direction that I wanted to go in. I did not have a certain style to my photographs; they were just your average landscape photographs. Now, I believe I am beginning to work my way into a style that is starting to become mine. I know that the style that my more present day photographs have is a style that has been done before, but I am on a mission to make my own style.

So far, my style is beginning to go in the direction of very low-key photographs. My landscape photographs are on the darker side, but what makes these low-key photographs successful is the use of the objects in the composition that stand out from everything else. Some of my photographs included white birch trees and, to me, those type of trees are perfect for making low-key landscape photographs. I am also beginning to work with the other colors in my photographs. I am experimenting with making them more saturated than they really are to make them look more painterly than a photograph. My goal is for someone to look at one of my photographs and think to themselves, “Wow, this is a real place?” I want my photographs to look like they could have never been taken in real life.

Again, it has been a pleasure sharing my work with you and I hope some of these posts made your day a little more happy. If you would like to continue to follow my progress of my work, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram; usernames: HannahDocalovichPhotography. Thank you!

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