Ending on a High Note!

Welcome to my final blog post! I am ending this semester and my Marywood blogging career on a high note by talking about the art show I was just a part of! Last Friday, Alexandra Evans, Carolyn Warcup, Maci Roos, Amanda Focht, Meg Welcyng, and I debuted our student-organized show “Silhouettes”. We came up with the idea for the show together as a group, and we wanted to highlight the fact that even though we are all here at Marywood doing the same projects, we still have our own individual styles that makes our work so unique. We each got our own wall to put whatever work we wanted to on it, and we had a great turnout with lots of our friends, family, and faculty showing up to see our work! I was really happy I got to display some of my photography and hand-lettering designs for everyone to see! I had a blast at the show, and now I am very excited to pass on the graphic design blog to one of my friends in the show, Maci!

Before I go, here are a bunch of pictures from the show!


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