Ciao for Now!

I’m sad to say this is my last post of the year but I am also excited because I have the opportunity to study abroad  next semester in Florence, Italy. I can not wait to see all the art in Italy as well as learn new things and meet new people.

I have enjoyed writing for this blog; I feel it made me reflect on the things I’ve learned for the better. I now have a forever home for my first art therapy experiences, a way to remember them.

I can not wait to explore a new city in Italy. I’m stoked to see all the art as well as learn new art styles and techniques. I am enrolled in a weaving class as well as a batik class at the moment, which both I am excited about. I have never done either so it will be cool to learn a medium and style. I think it’s important to learn art techniques from different people even if it’s the same medium because everyone has something different to offer therefore you can always learn something new and useful this way. As for me traveling, it’s a scary thought to be there alone but I know I will meet new people and have a grand time in the long run. I have never been to Europe so it’s going to be awesome to travel some while I’m there. I hope to go to Ireland, France, Amsterdam, and Greece while I’m over there.

I am planning on writing in Italy on my personal blog, we’ll see if keep up with it or if i have time but that is my plan so bye for now!

4 thoughts on “Ciao for Now!

  1. I have enjoyed your weekly blogs. You have taught me much about the world of art. I enjoy your perspectives, especially your commentary in how certain techniques will be helpful in your career as an art therapist. Your personal artistic creations are amazing. I am proud of you and I am so happy that you are going to be staying in the country of your family’s roots. There aren’t too many cities in the world that can boast more art than Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. Have an exciting semester. Can’t wait to read your personal blog. 🙂

  2. You will love Florence! The center of the art world during renaissance times! Good for you and enjoy every minute!

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