Silhouettes: A Celebration of Identity and Individualism Portrayed Through Art

Kresge Gallery, Insalaco Center for Studio Arts

The opening reception for Silhouettes was held this past Friday. Silhouettes is meant to show that while all of the participants have a similar silhouette, young women entering the design field, they are all very different individuals beyond the surface.

The show features friends and graphic design students Alexandra Evans, Amanda Focht, Maci Roos, Michaela Schmidt, Carolyn Warcup, and Meg Welcyng. The purpose of the show was to demonstrate that, although given the same projects and classes, each designer has developed their own unique style and approach to art making.

Each participant in the show was given the same size wall space to act as a self portrait to portray their individually in art. Each space features the story behind the silhouette. While each friend has changed and grown their friendship has remained a constant factor.

Their work will be on display in the Kresge Gallery through December 16, 2017.

Opening Reception: Dec 8 @ 7pm
Exhibition: December 3-16, 2017
Kresge Gallery, Marywood University
Alexandra Evans (Junior, Graphic Design Major)
Amanda Focht (Junior, Graphic Design Major)
Maci Roos (Junior, Graphic Design Major)
Michaela Schmidt ((Junior, Graphic Design Major)
Carolyn Warcup (Junior, Graphic Design Major)
Meg Welcyng (Junior, Graphic Design Major)

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