Simple DIY Gifts!

Let’s add bad gifts to the list of things we’re leaving in 2020! Now that the holiday season has passed, I’m sure that you haven’t been seeing many “DIY Gifts” articles being thrown at you from every source imaginable. However, with Valentine’s Day coming up and with there always being birthdays to think about, here are two of my favorite newly-discovered and crafty DIY gift ideas for friends or loved ones!

The first is to buy some tiny pots from your local gardening store, craft store, or even dollar store! The cheaper you can find these, the better. Then grab some paint pens, paint, sharpies, or whatever you have on hand, and create little doodles/designs on these pots. That’s it!! There you have a little pot for your friend to plant a cute succulent in or to store bits and bobs in. To make it even more personal, find out the colors of their bedroom/living space and coordinate your design with them to create a seamless integration into their home. You could write a funny quote on the pot, an inside joke, or an inspiring saying to simplify and personalize this design even more. This gift is perfect because it can be used for multiple purposes and can be created intentionally with the other person in mind! Thoughtful + practical = perfect!! Here are two examples 🙂

DIY Sunflower Pot
DIY Sunrise Pot

The other gift idea is a little more time-consuming but definitely just as wonderful. A thrifted, DIY candle!! Go to your local thrift store or second hand store and look at what kind of glassware they have. You can find some really interesting pieces if you look hard enough! The sky is the limit on this one, so if you find an old candy bowl, a soap dish, or even a cool a wine glass, you’re thinking in the right direction. Make sure to find something that the person you are shopping for would like! Then, go to your local craft store (or Amazon!) and buy some wicks, soy wax flakes/beads, and fragrance oils. Making a homemade candle is actually not too difficult, so if you’re worried about the Y in DIY, take my word for this being a simple project. Place the wick inside your thrifted piece and then pour your melted, fragrant wax into the container. Wait for it to dry, trim the wick, and then you’re ready to gift it! Here are two examples below!!

That’s all for today!! Two thoughtful, easy, crafty, and cost-effective gift ideas. I hope you have a lovely week!

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