Magnetic Moment

Once upon a time, when I was 12 years old, I spent the summer with my maternal grandmother. One day, she took me a local farm for strawberry picking, and I had so much fun. Afterwards, we went home to make homemade preserves and I loved every minute of it. It became one of my most favorite moments in my life. So much so, that I decided when I was an adult and in the right set of circumstances, I would have a strawberry theme for my kitchen. Well, it is finally going to happen!

I am in the process of moving and already ordered my strawberry shaped teapot. As I was packing, I came across a miniature painting I did a few years ago of a strawberry on a one-inch canvas board. It is so totally adorable.

I did not want to lose it and decided it could be my first artwork to put up in my new place. I decided to turn it into a magnet by using my glue gun and glue a small round magnet to the back of the canvas. I am super excited to have this up in my kitchen.

I love being able to have something to look at the fills me with joy and feel close to my Grandma whenever I look at the strawberry stuff in my new kitchen.

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