Coding Bootcamp

I am finally doing something that was one of my goals for early quarantine–Learn more code. I got this online class forever ago, like May probably. Looking forward to a very empty summer, I planned to do this all summer. It is a full front and back end coding class. I don’t really have a desire to learn back end, but I definitely want to learn all of front end. I got the class aaannnddd nothing. I should have known myself a little better at that point. I don’t like online schooling, I don’t find any motivation or accountability I need to keep going doing optional online material. So, I didn’t really do any of it.

Then facing a few weeks at home, between semesters, with nothing to do. I was begging God to give me something to fill my time, and I was reminded of the class. Then I was also reminded of a friend from home would was interesting in learning html/css. So I texted her, seeing if she wanted to come over a couple times a week to do the class with me. Hallelujah, this is just what I needed! Someone showing up and us both doing the class. It is about a week in and it has been really nice.

The class starts with basic html coding. I have experience with web building, and have taken two classes by now of web building using Dreamweaver. So, I am relatively familiar with html and css. This class also showed me how to make tables and forms which was something new to me! Now we are onto CSS, and this has surprisingly a lot more information than I thought! I was good to go over the basics again, but we are only half way through the css sections and there is still hours to go. After that, I want to do the javascript sections hopefully before classes start again. I would be really thankful if I could get all that done so I can feel more prepared for my web design classes, as I have two this semester, and be more familiar with the content.

Overall, I am really glad this is working out the way it is. I hope to go into UI which is a broad title that can mean a lot of coding or very little coding, and I would rather be on the over prepared side.

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