New Year

Hello everyone! This week I’m taking a break from the scrapbooks and getting prepared for the new semester! My little siblings are back to school, so it’s been a little tough to finish the scrapbooks without them.

This week I want to share with you a project I did for myself. I created two different calendars to hand out to my family members. My grandma was complaining that I didn’t enter a photograph for a farming calendar, so I created my own. One with photographs of the farm on my dads side of the family, and one of my moms side of the family.

Since I didn’t make enough to hand out, I’ve decided to share the photographs for the month on my social media pages.

Here are January’s photographs.

I’m proud of my self for creating my own calendars. It’s a big step for me as I’m not a fan of sharing photographs on a major scale. Hopefully next year I can hand more calendars out!

That’s all for this week! Stay safe and healthy! I’ll talk to you all next week!

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