One project that I had done as a freshman taking 2D design, was one that was very simple. While making this project we had to use at least on shape, a triangle, circle or square and incorporate it in the overall piece. We could only use black and white and needed to use different types of line work. We also needed to include cutouts of black or white paper. From there, we could do what we wanted.

The goal of this project was to show that sometimes simpler could be better, or at least make us think differently about the way we make our artwork. Not every piece of artwork we make has to be detailed and full of color. Thinking in a more simple way can lead your work to be more easily read as well.

For my project I chose to use triangles as my shape. I wanted to show movement as well so I had one big triangle in the bottom left corner with three octopus like tentacles moving out from that point. Following the tentacles, I drew varying shapes of triangles with dotted, solid, and repeating line work.

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