The Finished Gift 

I couple of weeks ago I had written a post about the present that I wanted to make my step dad for Christmas. It was not completed but I had the riveting done on the pieces that we’re going to be sewn to the navy blue leather that I had. This week I finally had a chance to finish the bracelet. It wraps around the wrist several times giving the illusion that the person wearing it has multiple bracelets on. I did this by making multiple strips out of the leather and seeing them together in a braided style.

Hand-sewing leather is difficult and I hope I never have to do it again. Honestly, the hardest part was trying to get the braids to match up on each strip before sewing them together. Once there was a pattern established it just took patience connecting them together. My step dad loved his present because the tags that I used have so much sentimental value to him. I struggled trying to fit all of the tags together to be one bracelet but I’m really happy that it turned out well.


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