Cruise to the Bahamas

Hi everyone! This past week I was on a vacation to the Bahamas. I went on a cruise that left from Florida and stopped in Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas. This was my first time on a plane, and out of the country. So it was definitely an exciting trip! Unfortunately the night I came back, I was plagued with the flu and a high fever so the last four/five days of my winter break were useless! Anyway, I’m excited for this spring semester to start!

Being on a plane for the first time was breathtaking. My boyfriend and I flew in the late afternoon both ways, and we were delighted with seeing the sunset in the air. I took so many pictures, because I felt incredibly inspired. It was a whole new perspective on the world, to be above the clouds and see bodies of water underneath you. It might sound silly but I never saw the world in that way before! It was truly something.

The Bahamas were also beautiful. The water there was much better than the Jersey Shore that I’m used to! There was so much culture on the islands, and art was everywhere. This vacation will definitely inspire some more work for me this semester, especially my paintings.


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