Two weeks ago I was very fortunate and got to take another trip down to Florida just as I mentioned in my “Fresh New Start!” post. I spent my week with one of my favorite beings, my uncle/godfather. For those who may not know, my family plays an extremely important role in my life. They constantly inspire and motivate me, which my uncle did this past visit!

I anticipated some time where I would paint outdoors but the weather did not go for that. My visit was quite rainy, cloudy, and chilly. However, that did not stop the painting, but instead I stayed indoors and painted. I did quite a few experiments, where my uncle played an important role. He suggested ideas (shown below) that would incorporate Florida’s nature and beauty:

As I mentioned before, these were merely experiments, I was not sure how I would feel or what would come of it but I am happy with these two paintings. I simply loved the idea that I had someone by my side inspiring me but also pushing me out of my usual approaches. I definitely want to try these ideas again and see what else I can come up with!


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