Sit Down and Read a Book

Last week I mentioned that my nana and I share a lot of art knowledge with each other. A few months ago she found an inexpensive art book that she shared with me. The first few pages of the book included some of the tools for drawing and how to use them. In the continuing pages, there were landscapes and two different ways to draw them, pointing out various techniques from professional artists. It is an interesting book to go back to when I’m stuck and there are many techniques I have never heard of.

Books are always a great source of knowledge. You can always learn more than what you already know. Art books specifically are good for reference, new ideas, tips and techniques.Whether it is a book from when you were a kid or a more advanced one, any kind of art book can be beneficial to further developing your style.

Some books are just about techniques, while others could be an overall review of a specific medium. There are books that teach you how to start using an art tool, and others are art history books about various artists. It is always good to keep a few art books on your shelf for reference when you are starting or in the middle of a project.

Some of the books I keep on my shelf are The Usborne Book of ART ideas by Fiona Watt, Calligraphy THE EASY WAY by Diane Foisy, Mastering MANGA by Mark Crilley, ITTEN The Elements of Color, Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice (which is a must have for foundation year students), and the one my nana (a fellow Marywood alumna) gave me, The Complete Drawing Course edited by David Poxon.   

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