Trying New Things

This week my mom and I went to a local art place called Country Home Learning & Art Center. My mom wanted to go for some time now, and since they allow walk-ins where you pick a ceramic or glass piece and paint it, we decided to finally go. It’s a small but open studio space. They offer paint and ceramic classes throughout the month, and my mom, my friends, and I plan to go at least once a month to make something beautiful and meet new people. My mom chose to paint a shamrock while I did a flower. It took both of us two hours and I really want to do it again. They have many pieces, small and big, and I’m exited to make them my own.

On the other hand, my butterfly drawing is being a pain. I remember when I used to do this with ease within a couple of days or hours if I was very determined. Right now I am on my 3rd attempt and very stressed. I’m hoping since I took a couple of days off from working and looking at it I will be able to go back to it with more patience. So hopefully I will be able to show everyone along with my ceramic piece once when they fire it!

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