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As the new semester begins I am so excited to start new classes. Even though I enjoyed winter break, its time to get back to business. One of my absolute favorite things to do at the beginning of each new semester is buy a new sketch book!

I know it does not sound too exciting but being an art student, it is one of the best things. As a freshman I spent a lot of time listening to teachers preach to always have a sketch book handy, personally I thought they were just trying to make us do school work away from school. Well… I have to admit that now that I have had one, since freshman year, by my side practically 24/7, it doesn’t seem to be that crazy of an idea.

My advice to everyone (you don’t have to be an art major): Keep a sketch book or a journal. It is a place for just your mind. You can doodle your heart away if you see an eye catching scene or you can simply just write about your experience, that way you know you will have the memory forever.

Personally for me, I love it because it gives me inspiration. I can be walking the same path everyday, but sometimes I see different things. I just jot down what I liked about it or how it inspired me, whether its colors I see, the mood it puts me in, the techniques it uses, or the aesthetic of it.

Do yourself the favor and buy yourself a place for your thoughts. I find it very therapeutic and fun, I am sure you will too. It is a peaceful get away.

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