SketchBox November

In one of my previous posts, I spoke of SketchBox which is a wonderful subscription box for artists who are looking to explore various art supplies. This month the theme for the November SketchBox was watercolor.

The featured artist this month was Nicole Aline Legault. She spent her childhood by the Atlantic Ocean and through her upbringing has a great appreciation for oceans. Whales are incorporated and are an important part of her works as seen by the image she created using the materials in the SketchBox this month. Nicole is a freelance illustrator and artist in print, film, and music. Her work can be found on her Facebook pages (the links are here and here), her instagram, etsy, and website.


Since watercolor was the featured medium for SketchBox this month, the contents of the box were Dr. Ph Martin’s Hydrus Liquid Watercolor, a Handbook Watercolor Journal, Princeton Velvetouch Mini Filbert, SketchBox Signature Waterbrush, Daniel Smith Custom Dot Card, and Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment .6mm. Each item was used in the picture of a whale Nicole created. I’m very excited to use some of these supplies on a project.


On the outside of the SketchBox, was a picture chosen from artists who created artwork from the previous box’s supplies. If you enjoy the style of this artist, the instagram of the second featured artist is always on the outside of the box. SketchBox is not only a great way to get interesting supplies each month, but there are also featured artists that you may find because of each month of SketchBox. I’ll be excited to find out what next month’s theme is.


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