The Best Present

So this weekend was very interesting. Apparently I have a great aunt that lives in Texas and who did ceramics when she was younger. My parents say that the last time I saw her was when I was a baby. She sent me a package with a note about why she sent a package and who she is and a little bit about her life. When I unwrapped what was in the box I found a beautiful ceramic horse. Unfortunately, the horse did not arrive in one piece, one of the legs broke off in many pieces. I was and still am very upset that it arrived broken especially since it was a gift and one of her favorites. I felt very honored to receive one of her pieces of work.

This horse is so well done, the proportions, the paint, and the hair on the horse is amazing. I have no idea what she used for the hair, it looks and feels like wire but I’m not sure so I plan to ask. I tried my hardest to fix the leg with super glue and it came out ok. I can not find every piece that broke off or even find out how to connect them all. I did get enough pieces together to have the horse stand again. I don’t know if I’m going to paint in the white pieces or just leave it as it is, but that’s a decision for another day.

I do plan on sending my great aunt a letter back thanking her for this great gift. I am thinking on sending her some art that I have done too. My ceramic pieces are not as nearly as good as hers so I think I am going to send her a wood burn illustration of mine. I know I don’t have to send her a present back but I think it is a nice way to say thank you and get to know each other better.

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