Sky Decorations

Summer clouds are very extraordinary. They can be light and scattered across the sky so the sun can shine through perfectly, there can be no clouds at all so the sun is all you have, or there can be millions of clouds passing over the sun repeatedly. As I was relaxing on the beach this past weekend, I took notice in how many clouds were in the sky. Everywhere I looked there were clouds of all sizes. Most days, I am not a total fan of clouds interfering with my tan, but these clouds were different than other cloudy beach days.

I never thought of clouds as decorations in the sky until now. Or maybe the thought has crossed my mind, but I never truly thought of clouds in this manner. The rays of sun were hitting these millions of clouds in the perfect way. Because the sun is so bright and the clouds can have such a variety in color, the contrast shown to the rest of the world was remarkable. I am not sure if this is something everyone else notices, but I am a sucker for good contrast … especially in nature! Contrasts between the sun and clouds happen more than you think. It can occur during sunrises, sunsets, midday, I just so happen to capture this eyeopening one on the beach this weekend. You can witness in the pictures below the beauty I saw.

As you can see, the way the sun hits the clouds is different in every picture. It is noticeable how quickly the clouds move over the sun and how fast nature can change. Most of the time, my eyes are closed when relaxing on the sand, but it seems like I opened my eyes just at the right time.

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