I have recently decided to start drawing again. I stopped drawing for myself a long time ago. The last time I drew something it was for a grade.

When I sketched for myself I didn’t follow any specific rules. It made it that much more special because my true personality came through. I tried different things and mixed different mediums. I sketched with not only graphite but charcoals, Conte crayons, and pen and inks. I honestly prefer to mix mediums. The results you get are extremely astonishing.

Since I’m starting to sketch again I will try to draw things I’m not really comfortable with. If I can avoid it, I won’t draw people. During my freshman year, I had to get over my fear of drawing people because that’s a big part of Basic Drawing and Drawing 1. I’ve always struggled with proportions but I will say that I have improved thanks to the classes here at Marywood. I’m not the greatest at drawing people but in my new sketchbook, I will be using everything I learned to better my skills.


Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash

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