The Disney Detail

Hello everyone! This week I’m on vacation in the most magical place on earth—Disney World! I am an alumni of the Disney College Program in the fall of 2017, so I am very acquainted with the level of detail that goes into creating the magic each park holds. This trip, however, I am noticing a lot more!

My favorite park is Animal Kingdom, more specifically Pandora: The world of Avatar that opened last year. The detail in that park is out of this world (literally!). In the daytime, the floating mountains loom over Pandora, and I can’t help but wonder how they made that possible. It is an amazing sight. Once the sun goes down, however, it gets even more spectacular. Every plant and rock glow in the dark and shine (with the help of hidden black lights)! It is the most amazing sight! The queue line for Flight of Passage (one of the 2 attractions Pandora has) is covered with detail. There are props everywhere to make it look like you’re really in the world of Pandora! There are several stages to the ride including a beautiful cave where there are cave paintings on the walls and ceilings, there’s a bioluminescent forest (much like outside the ride at night!) and then finally a laboratory. The ride itself has beautiful and realistic graphics that make it seem like you’re actually there! (It is in my opinion the BEST ride in Disney World and I highly recommend you wait in the long line to experience it! It is well worth the wait.)

Another highly detailed part of Animal Kingdom is the Tree of Life! This huge tree is fake, but looks VERY real because each leaf is individually placed on each branch! There are also lots of different species of animals carved into the tree, so getting an up close look at it is definitely a must!

I just talked about certain parts of one of Disney World’s 4 Parks, but each park has its own share of detail. The thought that goes into creating that amount of detail deserves to be praised.

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