Sneak Peek 

Over the summer I talked about steampunk in one of my posts, The Wonderful World of Steampunk. I truly love the art behind it and I wanted my senior project to involve steampunk. My project will include both sculpture and jewelry. The mask in the feature image is unfinished but gives a peek into what my other projects might look like. The steampunk aspect of the mask is that it’s made from copper and has brass accents. It’s been aged making it look like it’s been used for a long time.

This mask involved time in the jewelry studio to hammer the details into the sheet of metal. This technique is called raising because the more hammering you do the more it will look three dimensional. Once I have the look I want I’ll cut out the circles for the goggles. It’ll have the idea of a gas mask because I’ll be adding tubes to it as well. There will be four or five sculptures that are apart of my senior project. I can’t wait to post more about my progress!

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