Snowy Spring Break

Thanks to the weather I was trapped in my house for 3 days due to about three feet of snow. So it was basically me and my cats every day, in my bed, watching marvel movies. The worst thing was having to do homework over break, but because it was spring break I did not do any of it and probably won’t until the day before its due. Thankfully, I was able to go out Friday and Saturday. I really wanted to go to the Allentown Art Museum, but my boyfriend and I got there once when it closed. Hopefully I can go back sometime soon to go and see it. We were able to go indoor mini golfing. It was actually really fun even though these random kids came out of nowhere and started hitting the ball like there playing baseball. Very entertaining but so violent. Overall it was a boring spring break but it was nice to spend time home with my family. The best thing about spring break being over is that the art department trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art is soon. Being an Art Administration major I really love looking at art and learning about it, especially sense I hope to work in a museum one day. I am really excited to see some of the paintings I learned in my art history classes up close. Seeing a painting on a screen is nothing compared to the real thing. I can not wait to post pictures of my experience there next week!

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