So Many More Stickers!

I have officially joined the Mac computer family, and the wait has been long overdo. I have been wanting a computer to do graphic design work on for the longest time, and now I finally have it! My last computer could barely load google in 10 minutes or less, so having a shiny new computer is a nice change. I just got all the Adobe programs, and now I am finally back to making more sticker designs for my Redbubble page!

Since my field hockey sticker seemed to be pretty popular, my first thought was to make some more watercolor designs with different color variations. Playing around with the colors is my favorite part, and I ended up with some pretty fun results. I even made one that had Marywood’s colors in it: green and yellow. The possibilities are endless so I plan to come up with a lot more color combinations for it.

I also made a Maryland sticker for fun where I sketched out a pattern on the inside of its shape. It was quick and easy to make, and while figuring out other designs for it I ended up creating my spiral stickers too in the process. I was playing around with the warp and distort tools and I ended up twisting the shape of a bunch of layered stars which turned it into a mandala-like circle. I thought the effect it had was neat, and I thought why not make them into stickers as well. I have kept them simple in black and white for now, but I definitely have the option to make a lot more stickers by adding color to them.


My favorite sticker that I have recently made though is my Taco Bell sticker. I am obsessed with the baja blast freezes that they sell, so I thought it would be a silly idea to turn one into a sticker. No one else on the website has a sticker like mine, and so far the reception of it has been really great. I think it’s such a cute little sticker, and I have already ordered some for myself so that I can put it on my laptop case! It’s just quirky and fun, and I love expressing what I love through my stickers, even if it is just a drink!

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