From Old To New

During one of my Photoshop classes at Marywood, I learned how to do a lot of things. I learned how to make composites, which are placing different parts of two or more photographs together to make a new photograph. I learned how to retouch someone’s face by eliminating blemishes, dry skin, etc. I also learned how to change the scene of a photograph in many different ways. Though all of these were great to be able to do, the one thing that was my absolute favorite was turning a black and white photograph to a colored one.

All of the things that I learned in Photoshop were somewhat hard to grasp. It took practice and patience, mostly patience. Turning a black and white photograph to color was the longest project I’ve ever done and needed a truck load of patience. This project took me at least fifteen hours to complete. Even completed, it could have still used a little more work, but by that time I was about to go crazy!

I say crazy because this project needed precise precision. Not only did I have to color in many different parts of the photograph, but I also had to get the colors to look realistic. I thought that making this happen was the hardest part. I couldn’t make colors that would never really be used in the real world, this photograph had to look real. Coloring the clothing, walls, and other tiny parts were one of the easiest parts. The hardest part was getting the skin tone of the people to look like an actual skin tone that someone would have.

Making the color for the skin tones probably took me a half hour to a hour in it’s self. Trying to give someone a realistic skin tone is harder than someone would think, I know I thought it would be easy. Even though it wasn’t, I think I successfully got skin tones that looked pretty realistic. This showed me just how many different colors there are to make up someone’s skin tone.

At the end of this project, I was finally rewarded with the relief that I had finally done it. I had made a black and white photograph into a colored photograph! All I remember is giving a huge sigh of relief that I was finally done after fifteen plus hours. Even though this project took a long time, I still think it is one of my favorite projects I’ve done in Photoshop.

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