Social Ceramics

So last week I talked about the new ceramic platters I was working on. As I was working on these platters I put a photo of them up on my Facebook page and I got many likes and four orders for these platters! I feel like there is a fine like between promoting your pieces and annoying people with posting work constantly. I try not to post my work all the time, but I like to let people see what I am working on at the time.

I feel like it is very hard to start selling pieces of art because us, as artist, know how much time and effort we put into a piece and how much money we would “like” to make compared to how much money it is actually worth. My dilemma is that I have orders for my platters and people are asking for prices. I don’t know how much I should charge for them and I do not want to over or under price my pieces. My problem with social media and selling my work is that I always think pictures make the piece look larger than what they are. Even if I put the dimensions for them, it is still hard to imagine what it will look like in person. What if a customer is disappointed with how much they paid and the product?

I have talked to make different people about how they figure out prices, and every person gave me a completely different answer! We need a class to just figure out prices haha. I would loves the hear everyone’s thoughts about this topic. Feel free to leave a reply for me below.



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