Music Analogy

Avicii levels copy

Levels by Avicii created by Kelly Ciabattone

This summer I have been spending a lot of time in my car commuting to and from work, so naturally I listen to a lot of music. Like everyone else, it depends on my mood and the time of day that determines what genre I will be listening to.

As I was listening to some upbeat music one day, I automatically had colors pop into my head along with chaotic shapes. I don’t know if this is the creativity in me or what, but I was so intrigued.

Flashback to earlier this year in Visual Concepts class, we were told to complete a music analogy for one of our favorite songs, and when I immediately saw colors and shapes from that song on the radio, I thought of this project.

Needless to say, once again art is everywhere. Whether its country or hard rock, each piece of music has an art to it. Each song speaks its own tune and tone. Not only shown through beats and lyrics, but also by color, shape and composition. Upbeat louder songs may have bright solid colors and geometric shapes with tons of different aspects to enhance the chaotic beats. A more mellow song like country or classical might be represented by pastels, soft organic shapes, and a spaced out composition.

When we completed this project I not only played around with colors and shapes, but also transparency to create the different “levels” of music portrayed in the song. Believe it or not, art can be found even on that mundane drive to work, so keep your minds open!

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