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This week was finally the start of the spring semester. I am actually excited to be back even though after the first day of classes I had a bunch of work to do. I am taking an art history class about Latin American art and just from going through the books I know that I am really going to enjoy the class. I learned that Latin American art was never really looked at until and ignored by art historians for many years until now. The art is so different from any other culture that I do not know what to compare it to.

Alter 4

In one of our readings about Mesoamerica, I really enjoyed learning about this one piece along with many others. This piece is called Alter 4, and it shows a ruler sitting under something like a cave. The ruler is also holding a rope that is also carved onto the stone. This rope seems to bind him and the piece together with 2D and 3D sculpture. This piece could of also been decorated in many colors and I am sure this piece would of been even more beautiful if it still had its color.

I also start my internship this week in the Maslow Gallery. I am very excited especially since a show is coming up. I am hoping I learn a lot and get as much experience as I can get and then share what I learned!

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