Spoon Results

They are out of the kiln, and have been put to the test! If I’m being completely honest, eating out of these little guys isn’t super pleasant. The shape of them in my mouth just doesn’t feel right. I think they are a tad too small, and the curve of the spoon is too subtle.


I also had to leave the bottom of these babies unglazed, exposing the rough, hard clay. I had to leave the underside of these without glaze because otherwise they would stick to the kiln shelf, and be impossible to remove. I wonder how other potters get around this issue? I’m sure there’s a way.  Anyway, I am willing to go back to this form and try again. The big scoop on the other hand, works perfectly for its intended purpose: scooping ice cream. I suppose the smaller spoons can be used more as stirrers, or as sugar spoons.

What  I really love about these are the glazes! Typically in my pottery I don’t “paint” on a glaze, I generally just let a single glaze speak for itself and forgo any details. But, as the semester progresses and I spend more time in the studios, I am really making a voice for myself as an artist. In a lot of my recent paintings I am adding in mark making, and small drawn details. It has really become my staple, and  I wanted to try and combine this into some of my ceramic work. And voila! Some cute, patterned spoons! Let me know what you guys think!


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