Box Forming 

This past week I was given an assignment to fabricate a box out of copper. There are two parts of the box. The two parts slide together to make the whole box. There had to be texture involved somewhere on the box. I decided to hammer the top and bottom of the box to give it indents. The sides of the box are sanded to have a brushed look.

For the finished look I used liver of sulfer and brushed some of it away on the high points of the box. It makes the copper look older which is a look I love use. After I put the patina on the metal I waxed it. I wiped a layer of butcher’s wax on and then wiped it away after a few minutes. The wax seals the patina to the copper but it also leaves a nice finish. There are a few problems with the box. The top and bottom don’t line up very well. I feel like I still did pretty well for making my first metal box.

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