Spot Light

Summer 2 has started at Marywood and I am taking the follow up class of Italian. Start of a new class with new teachers, new expectations, new friends, and a few old friends I haven’t seen in a while. I have had only 1 class so far and I can tell it’s going to be a lot more challenging than the first class, but I will get through it. There isn’t too much to write about this class yet, so back to my photography.

I think I left off with my color photography class with Niko Kallianiotis, and my environmental photographs. The next project we had was Spot Color. Spot color is photography with harmonious, analogous, or monochromatic color, and then one big bright color. I was going to use the word giganormous again but after seeing Jurassic World I might have nightmares about a dinosaur with that name.

Most of the time we can go through our world we live in and not see things like spot color. We just walk on by and not notice these little things. Marywood Photography professors try to teach us to notice those tiny little things that no one pays attention to and shoot (photograph) them in a way that is different and unique. To create a really special composition is so rewarding. I enjoy these projects because part of the project is the critiques we do. I get to see so many different perspectives, and that fuels the creative Light Jedi in me.

Here are a few scans of my film photographs showing spot color.

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