Hand Lettering Practice

This week I have been practicing hand lettering everywhere I can find! I want to incorporate hand lettering into my t-shirt designs so I’ve been trying out different lettering and just playing around with it a lot.

I’ve been practicing on chalkboards and white boards this week because I’ve been doing quick lettering using whatever font really just flows out. I’ve also been doing some more serious studying of it by practicing copying fonts and seeing what aspects of what fonts I like. In my photos this week, the white board photos are more of the copying and the chalkboard photos I just write and see what happens.

It’s funny because where I live has a chalkboard on the wall so I’ve been writing things that my sister says, because she says the most funny things. I’ve also been practicing at work because my store uses chalkboards to advertise new menu items.

Chalkboard pens that you can buy at craft stores are my new best friend. I love them! They are pretty cheap, look really cool, and write with a really good flow. The best part is: if you mess up, you just wipe it off and fix it or start again!

2 thoughts on “Hand Lettering Practice

  1. Hi, looks great. I’m also practising my hand lettering skills at work. Writing offeres etc on chalkboards. I love those chalkboard pens too 🙂

    1. Thanks! I love them because they look so vibrant and if you mess up, it’s so easy to erase and fix. It’s so fun to practice design even when you are at summer work 🙂

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