Stained Glass Part II

I have been slowly making progress on my stained glass piece while I have been working on other glass projects. There are many small, irregular shapes that I must cut and fit together before I can start to sauder the pieces together.

It has been exciting to see the components fit together and so far I have been happy with my color choices.

Comparing shapes/trying to fit pieces together
Trimming a piece for the pupil
Arranging pupil pieces on drawing

To adjust the pieces I have to continuously compare the glass shapes to their corresponding paper shapes. I have also been arranging them on the master drawing to ensure they fit together properly.

Pupil, iris, and sclera fitting

As I get more pieces to fit together, I continue to add more pieces so I can adjust them simultaneously. I don’t want to start connecting pieces too soon and then run into problems with adjustment later. So for now, I am only grinding pieces and trying to keep them as accurate to my drawing as possible.

After I added the “lash” pieces
Eyelid and inner corner fitting
Labeled pieces to be cut

So that’s my progress so far! I still have a long way to go but I will continue to post updates.

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