Stained Glass Rings

I have been working with stained glass for several months now which has allowed me to start pushing the boundaries of the material.

I thought it would be interesting to make jewelry out of stained glass because of its richness in color and how it is activated by light.

However, to fully experience the color of the glass it has to be away from the body in order to catch the light.

One of my favorite things to do with the glass is take it outside and look at in the sun. I decided to make rings, which I imagined would cause a very engaging experience for the wearer and the light in their environment.

I chose some of my most vibrant and luminous glass and got to work on silver rings which I fit to the tips of each of my fingers

To place the glass at the tip of my fingers, I fit another silver band across my finger and attached it to the ring.

Once all my rings were finished, I cut and prepped my glass with copper foil and lead solder.

I then soldered the glass to the ring- which worked!

Now I have some light catchers to play with in the sun.

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