Improving a Style

As a painter, its always a good idea to revisit older painting and expand on the design as your skills improve. I’ve done just this with multiple series of paintings in my time as a student at Marywood in order to show my growth. None so much more than a particular series of abstracted human figures that I am very fond of, in this post I will share a few images of them in order of their creation and touch upon their meaning as well as how the design has changed over time.

Like I mentioned, this design is clearly an abstracted rendering of a human form which is a style that always interested me. I find that the ambiguity of the form symbolizes how ambiguous people already seem to me. I love people, I really do, but I think it’s the case for many artists that making relationships with other people is not the easiest thing. Artists of any kind see the world differently, that’s why we create I think. I made this piece in February of my sophomore year, and at the time it was a pretty good piece for me, I was very proud of it. it kept with the simply, solid and colorful vibe that I really appreciated back then. However, looking back at this piece I felt like I could have done better, thats why I decided to revisit the design the following semester and came up with this next piece:

One can see the progress made in this piece with the more rendered modulations and richer color of the figures. I also built up some more texture and added a gloss varnish which really punched up the color and shading. Featuring 2 figures was also a big step for me since in the past all if my figures have been solo and a bit static without any joining elements, such as the abstracted eyes looking at each other. I also began to apply sort of ‘themes’ or narratives to the work I created. For example, this piece is titled “Little Brother, Big Brother” and is a depiction of my own brother an I. He’s my older brother and I wanted to make him a meaningful wedding present so i made him this painting.

Finally we have the latest piece that deals with these abstracted human figures. This piece I’m very proud of, it expands a bit more on the brother element of the last piece and is a depiction of my best friends and I. They’ve always been like brothers to me and i wanted to honor that friendship with creating a painting. each figure is an abstracted rendering of one of us. I wont tell you who’s who, one because you all don’t know them, and two its fun for the ones who know us to try and guess which ones which! But the best part of this painting is again seeing the progress I’ve made with this design since the initial piece back in my sophomore year.

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