The First Step

Hi guys! I wanted to take a bit of a break from talking about some wonderful art to talk a bit about my journey in art history. You may know that I write for the art history column here on Where Creativity Works, but I haven’t been studying this for very long at all! This current season of my life is full of art history, so getting time to reflect on how even a year ago I wasn’t even aware that one could major in it has been so good for me!

What made this reflection come to mind is that I’m starting to look at course registration for next semester. I thought back to what this looked like for me last year at this time. I was on the phone with my mom, asking all my friends, and debating with myself as to whether or not I should take another art history course in the spring — even though I didn’t need it for my major. It was the first time that I realized that I truly loved learning about art and art history and that I didn’t want to stop learning about it. It might seem small, but it was a big moment for me!!

That first step led me to change my major to art history, add an arts administration major and a religious studies minor, and ultimately start writing for this blog! I’m currently enrolled in a full schedule of courses that all fascinate me and challenge me to see the world differently. I have to say, taking that small step of pursuing an interest even though I didn’t “need” to has led me not just to academic satisfaction, but also to a place of allowing myself to truly pursue my passions! I have a completely different mindset now than I did a year ago in terms of following what makes my heart happy, and so much of that is found in taking that first step of registering for another art history course.

I hope that wherever you’re at with schooling or with life, you remember that taking that first step — though really hard and really scary — could lead you to exactly the place you want to be. Have a wonderful week!!

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