Start a Revolution

As a student at Marywood, besides my relationship with the arts, I have had a strong relationship with service on Marywood’s campus and within the community of Scranton. Service through Campus Ministry has been able to shape my undergraduate experience tremendously. One program in particular I strongly encourage everyone to be part of at least once during their undergraduate career at Marywood.

The Alternative Break program has extended services from Marywood University to other organizations for over 20 years in which each participant is able to participate in a service learning experience. Every trip is also held responsible for fundraising the required amount for their specific trip. However, we have often been able to turn fundraising into FUNdraising! There are usually seven trips every year to different locations both within the states and out of the country. My sophomore year I went to West Virginia to serve with Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity. My Junior year I became a student leader for the service trip to Pittsburgh partnered with A Change of Heart Foundation. Now this year I am thrilled that I will be going on my second international service trip to Guatemala. Marywood has had a long lasting relationship with serving in Guatemala and has returned every year for a service trip while other trips are changed to add new experiences. Even a medical missions trip has been added to serving in Guatemala.

I was honored when I was asked to design the t-shirt this year for service trips. Everyone who has been selected to attend a service trip also gets a t-shirt. What is super fun about this program is that every year has a different theme. One year was “Just Keep Serving” with Finding Nemo where every trip was a different character. Another year was “Oh the Place You’ll Serve” with Dr. Seuss where every trip was a different book. And this year I am excited to say that the t-shirt is Beatles themed with “Start a Revolution” as our song to represent all the service trips, while every individual trip has their own Beatles song. We want the t-shirts to have a classic band t-shirt style design. With that being said, I made a design based on the “Let It Be” album cover with the four boxes and heads of the Beatles while incorporating all seven trips whether it was a symbol or outline of the state or region to represent each area the service trips will be traveling to.

T-Shirt DesignIt’s a good feeling knowing that you are a person to go to when something visual has to be done. It feels even more special being able to use one of my passions to lend a hand to another passion. I am thrilled to have been part of this program for most of my undergraduate experience. I’m also proud to be part of this program and can’t wait to represent it while wearing some cool band t-shirts!

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