Starting Off Strong

Since this semester has just recently started, I have written about a few projects that I participated in for some of my classes. My conceptual design class began with me creating a mobius strip, my art therapy class included an experiential, and my ceramics class had be brainstorming to choose+ an idea for what this semester will include.

Since the last time I wrote, I have finished my mobius strip and I did another experiential for art therapy. I believe that my mobius strip came out pretty nicely. I first started by coloring long lines across the strip in four different colors on each side; yellow, pink, orange, and blue. I then printed out and cut each piece of the stages of a sunflower and taped them on the strip. I taped two sets of stages on each side. Then once I taped those, I placed a self-laminator on each side of the strip to keep it all together and then I finally twisted the strip and glued each end together to create my final mobius strip.

In addition to my mobius strip, I also created another art piece in my art therapy class during an experiential. An experiential is where one creates and artwork based on a topic or idea. For this experiential, I had to create something about what I had learned in class. What I had learned were some of the different approaches of art that can be used in art therapy, and I learned about some specific ideas and techniques. The technique that I chose to base my art off of was a scribble drawing. A scribble drawing is where one scribbles on a piece of paper for a short period of time and then finds images throughout the scribble which will then be interpreted by the client/artist, in this case it was me. For my piece, I cut pieces of black paper and glued it onto white paper then I started to scribble with a pen. I chose to place black paper on white to represent the idea that some people can only think in black and white. Once I did that I chose a few colored pencils to outline my scribble, some have shape to it while the rest is simply outlined. I chose to do this in color because I also wanted to include the idea that even if someone thinks in black and white they can change and start to see color or the fact that some people see with color all of the time. There are two images of fish, a heart, upside down mountains, and something that reminds me of a treble clef. I did not specifically detail these images because I wanted to keep it simple.

Unfortunately with my ceramics class, I did not get much farther with my work so in the coming week or two I will be focusing on what I can accomplish. I am very pleased with the way my first projects came out. I am excited and ready for what this semester is going to bring me.

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