Chucky Shirt Revamp

When I was waaaayyy younger, my father gifted me a shirt of his because it didn’t fit him anymore. It was a large white t-shirt with a black and white photo of Chucky’s mugshot (from the film, Child’s Play).

P.S. I can’t insert a photo because of copyright, and the exact photo only exists on the shirt. To see an original, either click here or search “Chucky Mugshot Shirt” and look for the images from second-hand sellers. Currently, it is considered a “vintage” shirt and is being sold between $50 to $80.

When I first got it, it didn’t fit me and stayed in the bottom of my dresser, till a few years ago when I tried it on again and it finally fit, but, it didn’t look quite right on me. So, I cut it up. I made it a crop top, put horizontal cuts all along the back of it, and put some cuts at the top on the front with some safety pins.

I wore it like that for a couple years till recently, I got the urge to fix it up again, especially because some of the cuts were starting to rip.

So, I got my sewing kit out and started repairing the rips. (P.S.S. I am not that great at sewing). After that, I wanted to add some more detail to Chucky’s face. So, I started by adding a dark red thread along all of his scars and eye. After that, the staples were all below the scar lines, so I went back in with a dark grey thread and went over all the staples, even a few that are holding his hair.

My first plan for his eyes was to go over each iris with either gold or silver thread, but when I tried it, it distorted the shape too much and looked awful. So I scrapped that entire idea and just put a black button over his scarred eye. That seemed to look pretty cool.

Finally, I wanted to do some stitching on all the cuts on the back of the shirt. In the center, I wanted to do X’s to connect each piece. I thought about whether regular thread or embroidery thread would look better, and ended up using black embroidery thread. This thread is much thicker and uses a thicker needle. Unfortunately, it was too thick and all my stitches ended up coming out after one wear. So, back to the drawing board with that.

That is where I ended. Hopefully, in the future I’ll be able to figure out what to do with the back, but for now, he lives on like this.

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