Staying in Tune Over Break

So this break holds a lot in store for someone who is getting ready for all that is student teaching. It’s going to be a tough break filled to the brim with finalizing art for my portfolio and senior show, studying for my Praxis Certification exams, and working to pay for those exams and all of the art supplies I bought throughout the semester.

To make sure that I don’t lose sight of the big picture end goal—becoming a teacher, over winter breaks I have been substitute teaching. It’s a great way to practice classroom management skills and the works, while getting paid to do what you love! I have been doing this since the minute I had enough credits to, check your state requirements to see if you are eligible. I was able to start in January after my second year of school, since you only need 60 college level credits to start your substitute certification in New Jersey. This is a great way to network and get your name out into school districts as well as staying in touch with what is currently going on in schools.

In addition to teaching, I use the time to create art, especially on prep periods during substituting. It’s also great that I am still really close with my elementary art teacher because she is always willing to hand over the reigns and let me teach her classes any day. Here’s a paper weaving lesson that I did with them back in May:

Kindergarten Quilts5th and 6th grade quilts

She even still has them hanging up in her room!
It’s always awesome to create with the kids, but it’s even better when you can put aside some time to create for yourself. I’ve been working on a weaving for months, it may even be around a year now and I can’t seem to get myself to finish it but I am determined to get it done for my portfolio over break.Koi Embroidery Process

And now this break I am especially using my time to study for my certification tests. I have sectioned off Sundays and Mondays as my designated “study days”. So far it’s not going too well, but I have to say I’m proud that I can say I officially signed up for the tests yesterday- so the day wasn’t a complete waste!

With everything that is going on over breaks, make sure to save time for yourself because it is supposed to be a time for rejuvenation, not just a time to catch up on all the stuff that’s not completed and make up for all of the money that was spent during the semester. It’s a time to spend with friends and family, doing things you love!

So until next time! Have a happy holidays and make sure you spend some time with those you love!

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